Who We Are

Who Are We, Really?

RPCV Health Crusade was started by several Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who came together for a common purposeā€¦our health! Collectively, RPCVs will cross borders and boundaries to help those in need. We have the heart for service but have we overlooked our own health needs? So, we asked ourselves…is there something we can do to help everyone achieve our best health? In the spirit that drew us to PC service, we launched this group to roll up our sleeves and try!

RPCV Health Crusade perceives health as a broad concept of prevention, maintenance, support, and response. We have noticed quite a few untapped opportunities as well as the potential to change perceptions and approaches for better outcomes. Whoa, can we actually do this?

Green silhouette of woman in a stretched poseDecisions and actions made during our PC service – by us, medical personnel, safety/security officers, other PC staff, host country nationals, friends, and others – may have a (positive or negative) impact on our health during and after service. Also, we may have health needs and situations unrelated to service. After all, our Peace Corps service only lasts a few years (for most of us). And, even people in optimal health still have prevention and maintenance needs to stay that way. And if our efforts could also benefit the general public, what a great bonus!

We are also evolving. Our platform is now a space where (individual or groups of) RPCVs can come together to collaborate on health-related projects. Working together, RPCVs can maximize effectiveness while minimizing overlaps and conflicts.

RPCV Health Crusade intends to provide a collaborative platform for RPCVs to:

  • Identify health trends and needs;
  • Maximize opportunities for good/better health of all;
  • Clear some of the hurdles to achieve better health;
  • Provide needed information and other resources to improve health experiences and outcomes;
  • Raise awareness for a more inclusive RPCV community; and
  • Help RPCVs get the respect and support we need in our health journeys.

However, RPCV Health Crusade can only do so much. We can build health surveys, assemble a Resource Library, advocate for you, and more. But it is ultimately up to you to decide to maximize your options, make healthy choices, and/or help each other.

two young children who are visually different are huggingWe recognize that our socio-economic status, cultures and traditions, gender, identity, education, experiences, abilities/limitations, resources, access to needed services, and more can all play a role in our physical, mental, neurological, and social well-being.

So, we hope everyone can support each other through an inclusive mindset and approach on this journey. But just like service, we may make mistakes along the way. So we ask for patience and kindness as we work through these things together.

We see so much potential for this group to make a significant contribution. Do you see it too? Are you ready to step up and help? Don’t complain about the problem if you are not willing to contribute to the solution!

Our Mission

Provide RPCVs with a platform and opportunity to help everyone live our healthiest lives

Our Vision

A world where everyone has the respect and resources in place to live our healthiest lives

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