Who We Are

Who Are We, Really?

We are a group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who served in different PC service locations, during different years, on different project assignments, and with different backgrounds who came together for a common purpose. Our health!

RPCV Health Crusade envisions health as a broad concept of prevention, maintenance, support, and response. We understand that our socio-economic status, cultures and traditions, gender, education, experiences, resources, access to needed services, and more can all play a role in the our physical, mental, neurological, and social well-being. But we noticed that there are some hurdles and gaps of support in helping PCVs and RPCVs reach their best health.

RPCV Health Crusade intends to:

  • Identify health trends and needs within the PCV and RPCV community;
  • Maximize opportunities for good/better health of all;
  • Clear some of the hurdles to achieve better health;
  • Provide needed information and other resources to improve health experiences and outcomes;
  • Advocate on behalf of the PCV and RPCV community in our health needs; and
  • Help RPCVs with the respect and support they need in their health journey.

Decisions and actions made during our PC service – by us, medical personnel, country directors, safety/security officers, host country nationals, and others – may impact our health during and after service. And, we may make decisions that affect our health that are unrelated to service. After all, our Peace Corps service lasted a few years but we are RPCVs for the rest of our lives.

RPCV Health Crusade wants to support all PCVs and RPCVs at any point in their health journey by providing the respect and resources to live their healthiest life. However, we can only help remove the hurdles and offer the resources to support your health needs. We can build health surveys, assemble a Resource Library, advocate for you, and more. But, it is ultimately up to you to chose whether or not to participate and/or maximize that path that has been cleared for you.

As RPCV Health Crusade evolved, we noticed that our efforts can also benefit people who are not PCVs/RPCVs. Therefore, we evolved so that RPCVs can have a platform to made a difference in the health of all. We invite other RPCVs to collaborate with us to maximize efforts and minimize overlaps.

Collectively, we will cross borders and boundaries to help those in need. While PCVs and RPCVs have the heart for service, we often overlook our own health needs. So, we asked…how can we help RPCVs achieve their best health? And, how can we help others since anything that benefits the general population benefits RPCVs as well? In the spirit that drew us to PC service, we launched this group to roll up our sleeves and try!


Our Mission

Helping RPCVs take charge of our own health to live our healthiest lives


Giving RPCVs a platform to make a difference in the health of all


Our Vision

A world where current and returned Peace Corps Volunteers have the respect and resources in place to live our healthiest life

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