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Do you know any Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) or Peace Corps Medical Officers (PCMOs) who are now practicing medical professionals? Help RPCV Health Crusade build a Directory of RPCV Providers. Time to submit a Provider!

Studies show that patients receive better care from providers in the same racial group. So, could RPCVs get more applicable diagnoses and treatment paths when treated by RPCVs who are providers?

From the responses to the RPCV Health Survey, it became clear that our time in service can impact us long after service. And it may take months, years, or even decades to connect those dots.

It is hard enough to explain all those RPCV terms and acronyms. But it is even more challenging to find providers who understand how our Peace Corps environment and experiences can impact our physical and mental health no matter how long ago we served.

Of course, newly COS’ed RPCVs can definitely benefit from post service evaluations and care from RPCV Providers. And, applicants may better navigate medical clearance. Even if you don’t have medical issues related to service, why not support RPCVs who are now medical providers?

Despite the ADA being passed thirty years ago, many providers still do not adequately consider the needs of people with disabilities. So we are strongly encouraging RPCV providers to lead the way in being inclusive particularly towards patients with disabilities and limitations.

We appreciate every medical role and specialty but we need to limit the effort. So please be patient as we build the needed technology and prioritize the listings of providers.

RPCV Health Crusade is not endorsing or validating any provider or provider’s facility. However, we may highlight providers who emphasize on being inclusive!

Submit A Provider

Submit A Provider

Main contact person for the provider listing
Examples include MD, OD, etc.
National provider identifier to practice
Gender *
Board Certified? *
If multi-racial, list each race on a separate line
Licensed to Practice *
Select all the US states and territories that provider is licensed to practice
Which languages (spoken and written) can provider demonstrate an adequate level of fluency to communicate with the patient? List each entry on a different line
Provider's Practice Area *
Select all applicable areas of practice
Provide additional information about provider's specialties and sub-specialties
Identifies how provider interacts with the patient
Multiple contact options help patients with disabilities/limitations
Any additional website or online directory listing to share?
Online or Email scheduling options? *
Does provider have digital scheduling methods instead of phone calls?
Provide the link/url for patient to schedule directly online with provider
Provide the email for patient to schedule an appointment with provider
Telehealth or Virtual Sessions Available? *
Identify equipment or programs that the patient needs to communicate virtually; if none, specify NONE
Any medical equipment to loan or give to patient (FREE)? *
List each item on a separate line
Available accommodations for People with Disabilities or Limitations *
(FYI - Many of these are already required by the Americans with Disabilities Act and HIPAA)
List each entry on a separate line
List all accepted insurance programs. List each entry on a separate line
Provider's Relationship to RPCV Community *
If selected "Other", explain how provider has in-depth knowledge of health needs and challenges of RPCVs
Accepts FECA claims? *
Accepts Peace Corps vouchers? *
Offer free or discounted pricing to uninsured or underinsured RPCVs? *
Any discounts, barter, or other arrangements available? FREE for RPCVs would be ideal!
Identify where and when medical training was received (medical school, internship, residency, fellowship, etc.)
Use a new line for each entry and include links to any publicly available publication
Share any additional background information to help patients learn more about the provider

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