RPCV Health Crusade Support Program

RPCV Health Crusade Support Program

If you have an immediate mental health support need or are experiencing a medical emergency,
please reach out to a qualified professional or organization:

A Program to Support the Peace Corps Community

RPCV Health Crusade challenged ourselves to come up with a Support Program that is helpful and useful to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) community. We know that the needs of the community can change at any given time. So we decided that our support program and options will also be fluid adapting to the perceived needs of the PC Community.

Be sure to keep us posted with your thoughts and input through one of our surveys or as direct feedback. While we welcome your stories and comments, we may not able to assist in individual situations. But, we may be able to add your expectations and experiences to our overall efforts.

In some instances, RPCV Health Crusade may even ask the hard questions on your behalf to Peace Corps on health questions. Our focus is to work with Peace Corps to maximize options and facilitate resolutions.

To adjust to the changing needs of the RPCV community, we will adjust our support program and its initiatives accordingly. We may cancel a program or initiative if we believe that it has accomplished its purpose, no longer has the needed value, or if we are not able to continue supporting it. Additionally, we will also try to periodically post articles to support the PC community’s needs and interests.

Support Program Key Concepts

Anticipating and adapting to the support needs of the Peace Corps community

Collecting and organizing health-related information that is useful to the Peace Corps community

Identifying organizations that support the Peace Corps community

List of Groups Supporting PCVs and RPCVs

We are working hard to assemble a list of different RPCV groups and organizations with support or mentor programs. Having a centralized list could be helpful for RPCVs looking for options.

It helps to be supported by others who have an understanding of what we are each are going through. Some of the groups listed are local and some are national but all are offering support.

Let us know of additional groups to add to the list to expand the list of range of options available to PCVs and RPCVs.

However, some groups in the list may also ask for donations to fund those support programs. When we list a group’s program that is asking for donations, we try to make the extra effort to reach out to them for the program details.

Unfortunately, we are not able to validate or recommend any RPCV group requesting donations or offering support. So please do your own research to ensure that your donations are distributed directly to the PCV/RPCV. And reach out to us if you know of groups to add to (or remove from) our list.

Collection of Support Resources

RPCV Health Crusade is collecting support resources that could be helpful to applicants, PCVs, and RPCVs. We are not trying to list every option in cyberspace. Instead, we are trying to find those gems that could be important or helpful to PCVs and RPCVs.

Even though our main focus is on RPCVs, a lot of our collected resources can be helpful and even beneficial to the general public.

Our list of resources are focused on health information and support. We will try to weed out the ones that are mainly advocacy-based or financially driven.

These collected support resources will change and grow as we learn more information through our efforts and from other RPCVs sharing their own helpful tips.

Help RPCVs Vote Initiative

The 2020 Elections is one of the most important of our lifetime. There is a national initiative to bring awareness to vote. But what about RPCVs who are challenged with getting to the polls or drop-off locations. Will RPCVs with health issues or disabilities and financial limitations choose not to vote during a pandemic?

How can we help tackle one major hurdle to enable more RPCVs to vote?

We felt getting free (or heavily discounted) rides to the polls or ballot drop-off locations is where we can best help. We began with reaching out to a few ride sharing companies but were sent in circles.

But “no” was not an option!

Circles and blockades only fueled our determination to work harder. In typical RPCV fashion, we had to think outside the box. The result is this new Help RPCVs Vote Initiative.

We collected a list of options to get RPCVs to the polls and ballot drop-offs. Some are only for seniors or people with disabilities. Most are open to all RPCVs as well as their friends and families.

Spread the word to submit more options to expand the list. Help make sure that all RPCVs have a free ride to exercise their RIGHT TO VOTE!

Virtual Peer Support Sessions

There are times where RPCVs need the support of other RPCVs. There are many unique nuances of being a PCV and RPCV. We understand the lingo. We recognize the environment. And, we have experienced many of those same challenges.

The RPCV Health Crusade virtual peer support sessions offer RPCVs a safe supportive space to work through their concerns, confusion, and challenges.

The participants can find validation and support for their concerns. And the group participants are expected to respect the private stories shared within the group.

These are not formal therapy sessions. RPCVs facilitate these sessions as peers. While there may be participants with a professional health background in every virtual peer support session, their participation is first and foremost as RPCVs and peers.

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