RPCV Health Crusade Advocacy Program

RPCV Health Crusade Advocacy Program

An Advocacy Program for the Peace Corps Community

RPCV Health Crusade recognized there was a need to advocate for the health needs of the Peace Corps Community. There were limited efforts in coordinating individual voices into one collective voice to represent current and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs). Our Advocacy Program hopes to fill this gap for a more coordinated effort.

Our RPCV community can rally to address some of the issues and opportunities. But there are times where we need to approach Peace Corps directly about the service program itself. And there are also times where it takes action by Congress to address our asks.

RPCV Health Crusade intends to coordinate and work collaboratively with other RPCVs. We can be more effective together to advocate for a healthier and happier community of PCVs and RPCVs.

Advocacy Program Key Concepts

Advocating for PCV and RPCV health needs

Coordinating RPCV efforts on health advocacy as one voice

Advocate to Peace Corps

For some health needs, we can roll up our sleeves and try to tackle them within our community.

For example, our Resource Library contains a wealth of resources that may already provide the needed information. Or, we may create initiatives where we reach out to other RPCVs to join our efforts.

But some questions and needs can only be answered or addressed by the Peace Corps as an agency. In these instances, RPCV Health Crusade will reach out directly to advocate on behalf of the community.

And be sure to let us know of areas where Peace Corps or another RPCV group excelled in the topic of health. Perhaps the effort can be shared or duplicated. We encourage viewing problems as opportunities for solutions!

Unfortunately, we do not have the bandwidth to represent individual needs but we may be able to incorporate your stories into our overall efforts.

Our advocacy goal is to work collaboratively with Peace Corps on topics related to the collective health and welfare of PCVs and RPCVs. We hope our efforts can contribute to a more effective Peace Corps.

Advocate to Congress

There are instances where Peace Corps will not or cannot address the health needs of our community. In those instances for changes to be made, it takes an act of Congress.

As soon as RPCV Health Crusade was formed, we began meeting with representatives in both the Senate and House of Representatives. It was important to represent the health needs of PCVs and RPCVs.

Through your direct feedback, stories, and survey responses, we continue to collect your thoughts and needs. Our list of advocacy items will continue to adapt to the community’s needs.

Our efforts include working with other RPCV groups to coordinate efforts on health advocacy needs to present as a single coordinated voice. In the past, we noticed overlapping and conflicting efforts which lowers the perceived credibility.

RPCV Health Crusade wants to provide this platform to coordinate the efforts of all RPCVs interested in advocating on health topics.

Currently, this program piece is on hold due to the Pandemic and our program leader’s need to take a break. But we hope to resume efforts soon when Rachel returns or when other RPCVs step up and step in.

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