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Volunteer with us and help make a difference

Volunteer With Us

We need your help. We rely entirely on volunteers in our efforts. There is a lot to do. So yes, there are a lot of different ways to be productive even without a background in health. But an interest in health does help!

Do you have an hour or two a week to spare? Do you want to make a significant difference in the health of the Peace Corps community and beyond? If so, join us!

Sponsor Or Partner
With Us

Sponsor our efforts. Help spread the word to expand our reach. Our efforts can benefit everyone so help us make a significant difference.

We can provide a collaborative platform to RPCVs and RPCV groups planning health initiatives. Reach out to us. Don’t reinvent the wheel.
We or others may already be doing something similar.

Let’s work together to consolidate efforts, avoid overlap, and support each other’s work. We can be stronger together with a coordinated effort.

Partner or Sponsor Us
Take a Survey

Take A Survey

Share your thoughts and experiences to help guide our efforts. We use survey responses to help us decide where the biggest health gaps are.

The topic of health can be so broad. We just cannot cover it all. So the surveys and other feedback methods help us recognize trends and hone in on the needs of the community.

And help us spread the word to get as many survey takers as possible. The more responses we get, the clearer the picture becomes.

Submit A Story

As RPCVs, we know that health impacts could be the pivot point between a positive or challenging service. But you may have already navigated the situation that someone else is going through. Share your story and provide some comfort and inspiration to others in a similar situation.

We also welcome your awesome health stories that are unrelated to service. Let us cheer and laugh with you. Share your insightful health tips and experiences. And give us the chance to be there with a (virtual) hug and a supportive shoulder to know that you are not alone.

Submit a Story
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