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RPCVs Need a Safe Supportive Place to Work Through Their Readjustment Concerns

When Peace Corps called for a global PCV evacuation, RPCV Health Crusade launched an EPCV Support Program. We decided that the immediate need is to provide support options for the evacuated PCVs (EPCVs). A single country evacuation is hard enough. But, evacuation during a health pandemic and into a global financial recession exponentially increased to the challenge. Some EPCVs managed a fairly smooth transition. Unfortunately, some EPCVs had a much harder time with their readjustment.

The RPCV-HC EPCV Support Program launched within a weeks of the evacuation. We gathered support resources. We exEPCV support program need depicted by a person with confusing symbols all aroundpanded the RPCV-HC Resource Library with specific health-related Peace Corps information. And, we looked for a way to offer EPCV peer support sessions.

We wanted to provide a safe supportive space where the EPCVs can work through their concerns, confusion, and challenges. EPCVs needed a space with people who understand the unique nuances of services and its challenges. RPCVs already understand the lingo. We know the environment.

Did your service end in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic? If so, please fill out the form below to work through those uncertainties with other RPCVs.

We will not share your information with any other groups, organizations, or agencies.

RPCV-HC EPCV Support Sessions Have Wrapped

We wrapped up efforts on the RPCV-HC EPCV Peer Support Sessions. A number of EPCVs came through the program. Some attended regularly. And, some attended periodically when they feel the need to. The EPCVs found a safe supportive community to manage their reverse culture shock, adjust to their new pandemic environment, and find direction in their lives. RPCV Health Crusade wishes everyone the best in health as we all continue onto the next post-pandemic chapter of our lives.

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