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Our Resource Library Now Includes Peace Corps-Specific Health Resources

RPCV Health Crusade expands its Resource Library to include a new section for Peace Corps-Specific Health Resources. Since all Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) around the world are being evacuated, we felt they could benefit from having a set of health resources in relation to Peace Corps. But we did not want to reinvent the wheel…
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RPCV Health Crusade Supports PCV’s Access to Menstruating Hygiene Products

It is time to remove the stigma and open the discussion on menstrual cycles and feminine hygiene products. Approximately half the people on the planet will have, is currently having, or previously had to deal with it every month. A recent Feeding America study lists feminine hygiene products as one of the eight “basic essentials”…
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Community Resources as puzzle pieces in the shape of a heart

Help Us Build a Resource Library

We are learning so much as we continue building this group! And, we are learning more about what is important to this unique community of PCVs and RPCVs through your survey responses and awesome feedback. We feel that it would be helpful to the community to have a set of resources easily available to them.…
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Should We Change Our Name?

Okay, we have received a lot of feedback – both positive and negative – on the name chosen for this group. It seems that our group’s name has been the subject of more discussions and opinions than our new health survey.  Several have even suggested that we change our name!  Really?! Quite a few people…
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Health Survey 2019-2020 is Live

The RPCV Health Crusade’s Health Survey 2019-2020 is now open! But why did we create it? Some in the RPCV community, and beyond, feel that there is room for improvement for the health needs of serving PCVs. But more importantly, that there is very little in place to support the health and well-being of RPCVs…
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RPCV Health Crusade Is Ready to Launch

Yes, RPCV Health Crusade will formally launch! We are a group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who served in different PC service locations, during different years, on different project assignments, and with different backgrounds who came together when we noticed some potential gaps in addressing the health needs of currently-serving and returned Peace Corps…
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