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The Passing of Judy Heumann

Judith “Judy” Heumann, widely regarded as “the mother of the disability rights movement”, passed away on March 4, 2023. The disability community lost one of its most formidable champions. If you have not heard Judy Heumann’s name before today, take the time to learn about this extraordinary person. This renowned activist worked tirelessly for decades…
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Any Interest In an Accessibility Event?

Health and disabilities go hand in hand. And an inclusive approach helps everyone. Where can RPCV Health Crusade make a difference within the RPCV community that could ripple that forward to benefit even more people? We thought that a good place to start is by improving inclusion and accessibility (A11Y) of RPCVs’ websites and social…
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RPCV Health Crusade Grows Its Collection of Covid-19 Information

Even though some entities have relaxed their rules about Covid-19, it is still here. People are still infecting others with it. Some people are still getting hospitalized for it. And unfortunately, people are still dying from it. RPCV Health Crusade could not locate the key Covid-19 information cleanly organized on one website. We found information…
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Should We Build an RPCV Provider Directory?

Studies have shown that patients receive better care from providers in the same racial group. Would the same be true for RPCVs? Could RPCVs get more applicable diagnoses and treatment paths when treated by RPCVs? Would RPCVs have a better understanding of the types of challenges, conditions, and situations that RPCVs experience? We believe so.…
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Our New Support Program Initiative to Help RPCVs Vote

It can be hard enough for some RPCVs to get to the polls or ballot drop-off locations due to the pandemic. But some challenges impact RPCVs with health issues more than others. We wanted to help RPCVs vote, but how can we make a difference? We are a small group of volunteers already stretched to…
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