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Let’s Practice Self-Care During Service and Beyond

As Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs), we get so focused on our work and on helping others that we sometimes forget about taking care of ourselves. But it is important to practice self-care too. We all need to show ourselves some TLC so that we can be at our best for others. In a nutshell, self-care…
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How to Cool Down In The Heat

During Peace Corps service, you can’t expect the typical amenities that you have in the USA. Air conditioning is a luxury. Some Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) serve in areas without electricity or central air. You have to be creative. Some countries are experiencing record heat waves. How do you cool down in the heat if…
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Tips to Eat Healthy and Safely During Peace Corps Service

Do you know to eat healthy and safely during Peace Corps service? RPCV Health Crusade collected some tips for PCVs to better prepare for service. Many RPCVs developed different tips and tricks for navigating service. Some methods were successful but some were not. And what works in one country does not always work in another. Let’s share what works and what didn’t. Can we help the next generation of PCVs better prepare for service?

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