Should We Change Our Name?

Should We Change Our Name?

Hello My Name is (Blank) nametagOkay, we have received a lot of feedback – both positive and negative – on the name chosen for this group. It seems that our group’s name has been the subject of more discussions and opinions than our new health survey.  Several have even suggested that we change our name!  Really?!

Quite a few people like the name. They felt it embodies strength with an inherent call to action. And, some liked the idea of tying the group to a popular term used by so many health campaigns cross time. Some felt it was clever and fitting to what we are trying to do.

However, several felt it has imperialistic overtones or references negative religious events from almost a thousand years ago.  Actually, the term “crusade” was not invented until several centuries after the fighting concluded but to them, the term stuck. 

Our Name Origins

Of course, we really like the name or we wouldn’t have chosen it.  We were leveraging the path forged by so many health-based organizations (e.g. American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, National Tuberculosis Association, Texas Medical Association, Respiratory Health Association, etc.) for their health campaigns.  We felt it was time for RPCVs to finally launch a health crusade of our own focused on helping ourselves. 

But we also want our group to be inclusive and not divisive.  Should we ignore the few who said that they would never support our group, our health surveys, or overall efforts because of the name? Were they speaking from assumptions or as actual representatives of certain religious communities? Are there others who also feel so strongly about the name to actually refuse to support RPCVs trying to help other RPCVs?

Contribute to the Solution

We appreciate all the feedback and have decided to be open to change our name.  We want to put focus on the survey and our efforts by dispelling the controversy surrounding our name. So, here is your opportunity to actively contribute to the solution.

If anyone has a strong and creative yet non-controversial name to suggest, we are eagerly waiting for your input. Please put some initial research beforehand to ensure there are no negative connotations or translations associated to it. Due diligence means researching across different religions, regions, languages, cultures, historic references, or definitions before submitting. Of course, the suggested name should not be trademarked or create a reference to existing entities with similar names or concepts.

NPCA has suggested the name “Peace Corps Health and Wellness Advocates” but, we cannot use the name Peace Corps.  Well, we can, but not without the possibility of being sued for trademark infringement and unauthorized (illegal?) representation of a government entity. 

No Strings Allowed to Change Our Name

Please submit your new group name on our contact page for consideration. We will consider all valid suggestions. And if anyone is offering some financial contributions to cover the extensive effort to essentially implement a brand name change, we gladly accept. But if the submissions and contributions for the name change come with strings attached like expected access to our survey responses or dictating the group’s direction, then we respectfully decline. 

Don’t complain about a problem if you are not willing to contribute to the resolution. Since it takes considerable time, cost, effort, and resources to change a name, we only want to do this once so let’s make it a good one!


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