Should We Build an RPCV Provider Directory?

Should We Build an RPCV Provider Directory?

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Studies have shown that patients receive better care from providers in the same racial group. Would the same be true for RPCVs? Could RPCVs get more applicable diagnoses and treatment paths when treated by RPCVs? Would RPCVs have a better understanding of the types of challenges, conditions, and situations that RPCVs experience? We believe so. Help RPCV Health Crusade build an RPCV Provider Directory through our Submit-A-Provider form.

Are you a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) or Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMOs) who is now a practicing medical professional? It is hard enough to explain all those RPCV terms and acronyms. But it is even more challenging to find providers who understand how our Peace Corps environment and experiences can impact our physical and mental health no matter how long ago we served. From the responses to the RPCV Health Survey, it became clear that our time in service can impact us long after service. For some, it has taken months, years, and even decades to connect those dots.

Newly COS’ed RPCVs can definitely benefit from post service evaluations and care. Also, applicants do better with help navigating those medical clearance exams. Of course, RPCV providers can also provide care for issues not related to service as well as standard maintenance and prevention. After all, health is not limited to only illness and injury. Wouldn’t it be great to prevent health issues?!

Can RPCVs Lead the Way in Being Inclusive?

The ADA became a federal law more than thirty years ago. But, many providers still do not adequately consider the needs of people with disabilities. So we are strongly encouraging RPCV providers to lead the way! Can RPCV providers demonstrate inclusion towards patients with disabilities and limitations?

On the Submit-A-Provider form, list as many options that you have to demonstrate a welcoming and inclusive environment. Do you have multiple options to communicate with the patients? Does your website ensure patients with vision or manual dexterity limits can still navigate and access your content? We may highlight providers with an emphasis on being inclusive!

Can We Build an RPCV Provider Directory?

We are listing as many free or discounted options as we can find in the RPCV-HC Resource Library. But can we gather enough profiles for a valid provider directory? Would the RPCV community benefit from an RPCV Provider Directory? Can RPCV providers also provide options for free or heavily-discounted services to RPCVs?

If there is enough interest and submissions, then we will roll up our sleeves (again)! And even though we appreciate every medical role and specialty, we need to prioritize our efforts. Our small team will first focus on listing providers who can diagnose and treat patients. We may add academics in a future version of the directory.

This will not be a basic google sheet with a few names and some contact info. We would build a valid directory that will show the quality and diversity of RPCVs as providers. Just be patient as it takes some skill and effort to build the needed technology.

RPCV Health Crusade is not endorsing or validating any provider or health facility. And the information change so it may be out of date, etc. So we encourage you to do your own followup research. But we anticipate that RPCV providers can offer that extra special effort and awareness that RPCVs (and every other patient) need to live our healthiest lives.

Let’s find more ways to be our healthiest selves…and share those with other RPCVs!

Help us identify all the amazing RPCVs who are medical and mental health providers!


2 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    How has the provider resource progressed? I’d love to have even a single reference for a licensed mental health RPCV provider. If it hasn’t I’m honestly interested in a blog or a peer text group for matching like support needs.

    • RPCV Health Crusade says:

      Hi Emily – this is a project in progress. Being a very small team of volunteers, we rely on the RPCV community to help spread the word to get the RPCV providers to sign up. Right now, we don’t have enough submissions yet to build the online directory but we are still very interested in developing this resource. You have some great suggestions that we can explore. Will you help us get this launched?

      Please take a look at our Support Program and the RPCV-HC Resource Library for potential support resources that may help you in the meantime. Ideally more RPCVs will help spread the word and/or volunteer with us to make this RPCV provider directory a reality!

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