RPCV Health Crusade Is Ready to Launch

RPCV Health Crusade Is Ready to Launch

RPCV Health Crusade launchYes, RPCV Health Crusade will formally launch!

We are a group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who served in different PC service locations, during different years, on different project assignments, and with different backgrounds who came together when we noticed some potential gaps in addressing the health needs of currently-serving and returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

Since the concept of health includes both positives and negative aspects, we wanted to understand and leverage what is going well to share with each other and how we can help what is not going so well.  We were PCVs for a few years but we are RPCVs for the rest of our lives.  Are there positive and negative health trends and practices that exists within this RPCV community?  Can we maximize the positives and tackle the negatives?

So after some debating, sleepless nights, and head scratching, RPCV Health Crusade launched!  But this is just our first milestone.  Now the crusade really begins!  How can you help?  Glad you asked!

Volunteer with us

Submit a story

Take a survey

Sponsor our efforts

Help us spread the word of the launch of our new group and bring more support and awareness to the health needs of all of us.  We have crossed barriers and boundaries to help others, but what can we do for each other to live healthier and happier lives?  Let’s find out!


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