RPCV Health Crusade Grows Its Collection of Covid-19 Information

RPCV Health Crusade Grows Its Collection of Covid-19 Information

Banner of an image of covid cells with text Key COVID-19 informationEven though some entities have relaxed their rules about Covid-19, it is still here. People are still infecting others with it. Some people are still getting hospitalized for it. And unfortunately, people are still dying from it. RPCV Health Crusade could not locate the key Covid-19 information cleanly organized on one website. We found information scattered across different resources and government agencies.

RPCV-HC worked hard to gather pertinent Covid-19 information from these different resources to share with the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCVs) community and beyond. We hope that our efforts will no longer be needed soon. But until then, we hope more RPCVs join our efforts on keeping each other safe from Covid-19.

As usual, this is an effort from a group of volunteer RPCVs. You should always confirm any and all information before relying on it.

Covid-19 Statistics on Infections, Recoveries, and Deaths

RPCV Health Crusade started with building a resource that identified the changing numbers of infections, recoveries, and deaths. Not looking to reinvent the wheel, we leveraged entities who were willing to share their technology. The result is our Covid-19 Statistics page.

The Covid-19 statistics updates constantly with the latest information collected across a range of data resources. We have seen many spikes and a few plateaus. There have been some sobering numbers.

Covid-19 already infected half a billion people around the world. And sadly, the USA has more than 1 million deaths from Covid-19. The number of deaths within the United States has consistently accounted for approximately 20% of the world’s deaths from Covid-19.

View Covid-19 Statistics

Listing of Covid-19 Test Sites

When the pandemic first hit, RPCV Health Crusade could not find a single resource on where people can get a free covid test. And, some places claim a free test but had hidden fine print that was free only through your insurance plan. Even worse, some facilities claimed the tests itself were free but hide the expectations for you to pay for a medical provider fee or a medical facility fee.

In response to the lack of organized information of free test sites, a group of RPCVs across the country worked together to gather and publish a list of truly free covid-19 test sites in USA states, areas, districts, and territories. Fortunately, information about Covid-19 and the vaccines is more organized now. This list is likely out of date so leverage official government information. Avoid the random unqualified internet opinions of random individuals.

View Covid-19 Test Sites

Covid-19 Information for People with Disabilities

Sadly, critical information, events, or efforts rarely take people with disabilities into account. Even before the pandemic, people with disabilities have struggled to receive vital information. The pandemic only brought more visibility to something some of us have known for a long time.

Is critical health information written in an easy-to-digest manner or language? Covid information was not always always in formats easily interpreted by assistive technology. Too many informational websites could not be easily navigated by people with vision or mobility limitations. Even when a news conference includes ASL and/or closed captions, they are not shown in the television feed.

RPCV Health Crusade decided to try to create a ripple of awareness by collecting Covid-19 resources specifically for people with disabilities. We focused on locating national resources but displayed state or local resources when we came across them. Maybe RPCVs can start the ripple of inclusion?

View Covid-19 Info for People with Disabilities

Covid-19 Information on At-Home Tests

Covid-19 At-Home Tests are now available. Are they free? Where to get them? At one point in time, pharmacies and stores restricted the number of tests purchased in stores or online. But with the drop in covid infections and deaths, many of those limits have lifted. Just make sure you are getting an FDA-approved test.

RPCV Health Crusade collected some pertinent information about the Covid-19 at-home tests. Learn more about where to get them and how you can get them for free.

View Covid-19 At-Home Test Info

Information about Covid-19 Vaccines

There are changing requirements on who is eligible for Covid-19 vaccines and boosters. It is important to keep up to date with FDA and CDC recommendations. There are studies that show how the vaccine’s effectiveness fades over time. This means you need to get that booster shot. More than 70% of the eligible people in the USA have received their Covid-19 vaccination. But, what about the remainder?

RPCV-HC dug through a vast number of resources to organize information about Covid-19 vaccines into one place. People will continue to infect each other. But the vaccine can help minimize the chances of severe symptoms that lead to hospitalizations and death. Have you been waiting for full FDA approval instead of just emergency use? Learn more about who is eligible for a vaccine and when you should get the booster.

View Covid-19 Vaccine Info

Let’s Keep Ourselves and Each Other Safe

We are not out of the woods with Covid-19. We are all weary with the Covid-19 protocols. But that also does not mean that Covid is no longer a risk. You can still get infected or reinfected after being vaccinated. That first or next infection could still be deadly.

And, you don’t know the health situation of the person next to you. They may have compromised health and become critically infected by you. Or, they could critically infected you.

The number of people hospitalized or died from Covid may have finally slowed down. But, they spike every time the Covid protocols relax. And every spike seems to bring a more infectious mutation.

Let’s stop spreading and passing this deadly disease to each other. Be safe and let’s work together to keep each other safe.


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