RPCV Health Crusade Glossary Deciphers the RPCV Lingo

RPCV Health Crusade Glossary Deciphers the RPCV Lingo

Glossary of RPCV Lingo (terms and acronyms) - The word glossary with each letter on separate color post-it note

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) utilize a lot of different acronyms and terms. How many do you remember? And, how many that you weren’t sure of? RPCV Health Crusade decided it was time to create a Glossary of Terms and Acronyms to capture and decipher some of the key RPCV lingo.

Did you notice how people not familiar with Peace Corps grow confused at your stories? Do they have to stop you mid-story to ask what something means? Some of us may have even noticed this from other RPCVs!

RPCV Health Crusade has also been pushing for more inclusion and accessibility within the RPCV and PC community. But CART captioners and ASL interpreters are often unfamiliar with the RPCV lingo. And don’t get us started about those auto-generated captions. So, the RPCV-HC Glossary can also help fill the gap for more effective captions and translations.

To keep the RPCV Lingo Glossary manageable, we decided not to list any RPCV groups or organizations. It would be too huge an effort to identify and describe all the different entities. And, that could become a full-time job in itself to keep up with the groups that form, dissipate, or change.

As usual, we always welcome the community’s feedback of any key missing or inaccurate terms. But as a small group of volunteers, we have our hands full. So we ask for your patience in our response or implementing changes. And, let us know if you are willing to also roll up your sleeves to participate in the solution instead of just complaining about a problem!

Take a look at what we collected and let us know what needs to be updated or added.


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