Our Resource Library Now Includes Peace Corps-Specific Health Resources

Our Resource Library Now Includes Peace Corps-Specific Health Resources

Community Resources puzzle pieces in the shape of a heart

Community Resources as puzzle pieces in the shape of a heart to represent Peace-Corps Specific ResourcesRPCV Health Crusade expands its Resource Library to include a new section for Peace Corps-Specific Health Resources. Since all Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) around the world are being evacuated, we felt they could benefit from having a set of health resources in relation to Peace Corps.

But we did not want to reinvent the wheel if this was already available. Unfortunately, it was difficult to find any centralized collection of this information easily organized and available. So, we rolled up our sleeves again to expand our Resource Library to include Peace Corps-specific health resources.

Health Resources for the Broader Peace Corps Community

We assembled this new set of Peace Corps-Specific Health Resources for the broader Peace Corps community. And we looked high and low for information helpful for applicants and trainees to PCV and RPCVs. We also added comments based on our experience as RPCVs. After all, why should we keep information and lessons learned along the way to ourselves?

But due to the evacuation, we made a considerable effort to locate health information beneficial for the EPCVs. We wanted to include information on a range of different health related topics including links to Updates on COVID-19 PCV Evacuation and Close of Service Health Benefits Packet for EPCV.

Timing is Important

And be sure to follow up on any general health evaluations and medical situations in a timely manner. There are limits (time, quantity, etc.) on many of the events directly related to interactions with or paid for by Peace Corps.

The current global evacuation of all PCVs pushed us forward faster than we are prepared for. But we took on the challenge to help with the immediate needs of the Peace Corps community. However, it is likely that there is more helpful information out there. So please help us add to the listings or update any out-of-date information. We expect for our Resource Library to continue to grow and change as information becomes available.


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