Last Chance to Take the RPCV Health Survey

Last Chance to Take the RPCV Health Survey

Take the RPCV Health Survey. Help identify health trends of service over time and health needs of RPCVs today. Health needs can vary across racial and diversity groups but we can't help with what we don't know. Your voice counts

Last Chance for the RPCV Health Survey

When we first launched the RPCV Health Survey, we were excited to visualize the health trends of service and health needs of today. Where are the areas where we can improve within our own RPCV community? And what are the challenges that requires changes at Peace Corps? And, are there hurdles that can only happen with action by Congress?

RPCV Health Crusade wants to hear from every RPCV in every racial group, diversity group, and across all service years. We can’t help with what we don’t know.

We are a small volunteer group with limited availability. So we only planned to keep the RPCV Health Survey open for a couple of months. But then the pandemic happened. We immediately shifted our limited focus to supporting the evacuated PCVs (EPCVs) with options like EPCV Virtual Peer Support Sessions.

Our focus on supporting RPCVs in need shifted towards new initiatives and efforts as the needs of the RPCV community shifted. Since we did not have the bandwidth to tackle all that lovely data, we left the RPCV Health Survey open. But now, it is time to wrap up the survey and drive the group forward with the feedback.

Your Voice Can Influence RPCV Health Crusade’s Efforts

The RPCV Health Crusade agreed to utilize the RPCV Health Survey findings to help assemble vital health recommendations for the RPCV National Racial Justice Initiative. But we wanted to give one more chance to any RPCV who did not previously submit their responses.

We need your voice! Let us know what went well that can be leveraged and duplicated. And help us identify areas in need of improvement. Don’t complain about the problems if you are not willing to contribute to the solution!


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