Help Us Build a Resource Library

Help Us Build a Resource Library

Community Resources as puzzle pieces in the shape of a heart

Community Resource as puzzle piecesWe are learning so much as we continue building this group! And, we are learning more about what is important to this unique community of PCVs and RPCVs through your survey responses and awesome feedback. We feel that it would be helpful to the community to have a set of resources easily available to them. But, is there an existing set of resources that we could just point everyone to? Unfortunately, information is scattered everywhere. It looks like we need to build our own RPCV resource library. 


Building a Resource Library from Scratch

We knew building a resource library from scratch would not be easy. And, we knew that it would be an ongoing effort as we discover more resources. Even worse, posted information may become outdated but we may not realize it. So, we had to accept that possibility and hope everyone can help us correct any outdated links. Overall, this could mean a lot of work for us. But, what keeps us motivated in our efforts is knowing that we are helping the RPCVs community.

What Information to Include in the Resource Library?

It is not easy to decide what to include into our Resource Library. We wanted to collect information specific to PCVs and RPCVs. But being an RPCV mean more than just service-related health. We are RPCVs for the rest of our lives. So, any information about any category of health could be useful. But, we did not want to have to maintain a database so vast to rival Wikipedia. So we will take our cue from the PC community.  

And, we wanted to include links to other rpcv-based groups supporting the PC community’s health and wellness. After all, they may have resources and focus in areas that we do not. And, we believe that rpcv groups can and should co-exist as no single group can handle the mighty load. We also expect to coordinate efforts where interests are aligned with RPCV-focused groups to represent a united voice and coordinated effort of PCV/RPCV interests.

How Can You Help?

To be the most effective, we are asking the RPCV community to let us know what information is most beneficial to others. Is there a specific health resource that you find yourself using on a regular basis? We are only list informational resources and not selling any products or services. But please do your due diligence in researching any of the resources before engaging with them.

Send us your favorite links for health information. We may not be able to post them all but maybe we will eventually. 

And, let us know if any resource information or link needs to be updated. We are only a small group of volunteers so this resource library can only be effective with the community’s help. And, this library of resources will likely be an ongoing effort for as long as the group is active.


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