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COVID-19 Infection Map

New COVID-19 Infection Map

As Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs), we typically build significant ties to our host country. So naturally, we want to know how our host country friends and family are doing during this pandemic. But it is difficult to get coronvirus statistics for different countries. And since we tend to move around or know other RPCVs…
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Community Resources as puzzle pieces in the shape of a heart

Health Resources for EPCVs

As Evacuated Peace Corps Volunteers (EPCVs), you went through a whirlwind of an evacuation from your Peace Corps service country. But how can you manage your health needs? Since RPCV Health Crusade’s main focus is on health, we will focus on the health resources available to EPCVs. Obviously, there may be other non-health resources needed…
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10 Tips for Staying Mentally Resilient After the Toughest Evacuation You’ll Never Love

It is hard enough to try to be mentally resilient after a “normal” close of service but how do you find the strength to be mentally resilient after the first ever worldwide Peace Corps evacuation straight into a pandemic? So, you just landed back at your home-of-record (which might not even be the place you…
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reverse culture shock chart showing culture shock timeline versus reverse culture shock timeline

Coping With Reverse Culture Shock

Now that you have a better understanding of what reverse culture shock is, how do you find ways of coping with reverse culture shock? After all, it is also affecting the way you interact with your family and friends. Does everything feel the same but different? How do you navigate the different thoughts that you…
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reverse culture shock chart showing culture shock timeline versus reverse culture shock timeline

Understanding Reverse Culture Shock

Are you having trouble with understanding reverse culture shock? Is there really such a thing? How would you even know? What does that feel like? How do you recognize it? After all, you have lived in the USA for a long time. For some, you have never been out of the country before your Peace…
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Community Resources puzzle pieces in the shape of a heart

Our Resource Library Now Includes Peace Corps-Specific Health Resources

RPCV Health Crusade expands its Resource Library to include a new section for Peace Corps-Specific Health Resources. Since all Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) around the world are being evacuated, we felt they could benefit from having a set of health resources in relation to Peace Corps. But we did not want to reinvent the wheel…
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Megaphone with text for Ways to Help Your Community

10 Ways to Help Your Community During the COVID-19 Outbreak

As Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs), it is difficult to stand by and do nothing when others are in need. And, growing frustrated or turning into a couch potato is not helpful to your mental health. So, RPCV Health Crusade assembled this list of different ways for you to be productive and help your community.…
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Movie marquee displaying Stay Healthy and Safe, We'll Be Back Soon

PCV Evacuation Around the World

A complete Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV) evacuation effort is going on around the world due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Earlier this year, Peace Corps had already evacuated PCVs from China and Mongolia. But that was when the high percentage of those infected were in China. But now, people in more than 120 countries around the…
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Stay Safe During COVID-19

COVID-19 is all over the news these days. But, it is easy to think that will not happen to you. After all, you wash your hands regularly. But do you really? And, is that enough? When serving overseas, Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) sometimes do not practice the best health habits. We may not have access…
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Feminine Hygiene products sign in grocery store

RPCV Health Crusade Supports PCV’s Access to Menstruating Hygiene Products

It is time to remove the stigma and open the discussion on menstrual cycles and feminine hygiene products. Approximately half the people on the planet will have, is currently having, or previously had to deal with it every month. A recent Feeding America study lists feminine hygiene products as one of the eight “basic essentials”…
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