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Should We Build an RPCV Provider Directory?

Studies have shown that patients receive better care from providers in the same racial group. Would the same be true for RPCVs? Could RPCVs get more applicable diagnoses and treatment paths when treated by RPCVs? Would RPCVs have a better understanding of the types of challenges, conditions, and situations that RPCVs experience? We believe so.…
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Stop Asian Hate and Start the Inclusion

RPCV Health Crusade supports, admires, and recognizes the Asian communities as vital and valued Americans and Peace Corps community members. We emphatically denounce hate and attacks in all forms against Asian Americans and all other racial groups. It is long past time to Stop Asian Hate. Asian Americans are Americans! The vicious attacks, murders, scapegoating,…
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Time to Take a Moment for Yourself

It is time to take a moment to find your focus and perspective. A lot has happened this year. We are in a pandemic where a deadly virus is still spreading relentlessly across the globe. Millions have lost their jobs. Too many have lost their lives. We became an instant virtual society. Politics took center…
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RPCV Health Crusade’s One-Year Anniversary Milestone

RPCV Health Crusade’s One-Year Anniversary Target In 2019, a group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) came together to discuss the health needs of PCVs, RPCVs, and Peace Corps applicants. Where can the Peace Corps community do more in this area? Could there be better coordination of the efforts between RPCVs/groups with an interest or…
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Our New Support Program Initiative to Help RPCVs Vote

It can be hard enough for some RPCVs to get to the polls or ballot drop-off locations due to the pandemic. But some challenges impact RPCVs with health issues more than others. We wanted to help RPCVs vote, but how can we make a difference? We are a small group of volunteers already stretched to…
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Time to Get Tested for COVID-19

If you have any symptoms or if you were exposed to someone who tested positive or has symptoms, GET TESTED FOR COVID-19! Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) across the country worked hard to assemble a robust list of (hopefully) free COVID-19 testing sites. We have collected options for almost every US states and territories. For…
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Reflections from Our EPCV Peer Support Sessions

The Evacuated Peace Corps Volunteers (EPCVs) just went through a frenzied worldwide evacuation due to the covid-19 pandemic. Peace Corps sent them home to uncertainty. EPCVs had many questions but Peace Corps did not have many answers. Where could they safely stay during a pandemic? Would they get any financial assistance from the government? How…
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Evolution of the RPCV Health Crusade Support Program

The Evolution of the RPCV Health Crusade Support Program

RPCV Health Crusade was in research mode. What should we put into a support program to help with the broad health needs of PCVs and RPCVs? We began with listing support resources into the Resource Library. We thought we had plenty of time to slowly build the RPCV Health Crusade Support Program. But then, the…
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Are EPCVs Reapplying to Peace Corps Penalized for Seeking Mental Health Therapy?

A single country Peace Corps evacuation is traumatic enough. But when Peace Corps evacuates every one of the nearly 7,000 PCVs during a global pandemic and financial downslide, the impact is unimaginable. Since this has never happened in the history of Peace Corps, what are the rules? What if the evacuated Peace Corps Volunteers (EPCVs)…
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COVID-19 Infection Map

New COVID-19 Infection Map

As Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs), we typically build significant ties to our host country. So naturally, we want to know how our host country friends and family are doing during this pandemic. But it is difficult to get coronvirus statistics for different countries. And since we tend to move around or know other RPCVs…
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