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RPCV Health Crusade Glossary Deciphers the RPCV Lingo

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) utilize a lot of different acronyms and terms. How many do you remember? And, how many that you weren’t sure of? RPCV Health Crusade decided it was time to create a Glossary of Terms and Acronyms to capture and decipher some of the key RPCV lingo. Did you notice how…
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Have You Received Your Covid Vaccination?

RPCV Health Crusade continues to monitor the Covid-19 pandemic. The science shows that the covid vaccination helps minimize the number of deaths and critical symptoms requiring hospitalizations. The number of daily deaths is finally slowing down. But that does not mean the pandemic is over. You need to decide for yourself on whether or not…
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Should We Build an RPCV Provider Directory?

Studies have shown that patients receive better care from providers in the same racial group. Would the same be true for RPCVs? Could RPCVs get more applicable diagnoses and treatment paths when treated by RPCVs? Would RPCVs have a better understanding of the types of challenges, conditions, and situations that RPCVs experience? We believe so.…
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Stop Asian Hate and Start the Inclusion

RPCV Health Crusade supports, admires, and recognizes the Asian communities as vital and valued Americans and Peace Corps community members. We emphatically denounce hate and attacks in all forms against Asian Americans and all other racial groups. It is long past time to Stop Asian Hate. Asian Americans are Americans! The vicious attacks, murders, scapegoating,…
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RPCV Health Crusade’s One-Year Anniversary Milestone

RPCV Health Crusade’s One-Year Anniversary Target In 2019, a group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) came together to discuss the health needs of PCVs, RPCVs, and Peace Corps applicants. Where can the Peace Corps community do more in this area? Could there be better coordination of the efforts between RPCVs/groups with an interest or…
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Last Chance to Take the RPCV Health Survey

Last Chance for the RPCV Health Survey When we first launched the RPCV Health Survey, we were excited to visualize the health trends of service and health needs of today. Where are the areas where we can improve within our own RPCV community? And what are the challenges that requires changes at Peace Corps? And,…
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Join Our New COVID-19 Education Initiative

How will Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) step up and help combat the spread of this deadly coronavirus? RPCV Health Crusade launched a COVID-19 Education Initiative for RPCVs to work together and make a difference. We launched our COVID-19 Education Initiative by creating a new statistics section. Now we can track and visualize the number…
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Are EPCVs Reapplying to Peace Corps Penalized for Seeking Mental Health Therapy?

A single country Peace Corps evacuation is traumatic enough. But when Peace Corps evacuates every one of the nearly 7,000 PCVs during a global pandemic and financial downslide, the impact is unimaginable. Since this has never happened in the history of Peace Corps, what are the rules? What if the evacuated Peace Corps Volunteers (EPCVs)…
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COVID-19 Infection Map

New COVID-19 Infection Map

As Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs), we typically build significant ties to our host country. So naturally, we want to know how our host country friends and family are doing during this pandemic. But it is difficult to get coronvirus statistics for different countries. And since we tend to move around or know other RPCVs…
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Donate blood

Time to Donate Blood and Plasma

The time to donate blood is now. The current blood supply is dangerously low. Blood donations have greatly dwindled. Many scheduled blood draws were cancelled due to the pandemic. You can either make a allogeneic/homologous donation where the blood goes into storage at a blood bank for transfusion to an unknown recipient. Or, you can…
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