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Make Your Health a Priority in 2023

Many of us start the year with good intentions. We want to make positive changes. Some of those changes often include making health a priority. Every year, many of us make all sorts of new year resolutions. But are those resolutions achievable or are they too lofty? Do we forget after a few weeks? Did…
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Let’s Practice Self-Care During Service and Beyond

As Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs), we get so focused on our work and on helping others that we sometimes forget about taking care of ourselves. But it is important to practice self-care too. We all need to show ourselves some TLC so that we can be at our best for others. In a nutshell, self-care…
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How to Cool Down In The Heat

During Peace Corps service, you can’t expect the typical amenities that you have in the USA. Air conditioning is a luxury. Some Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) serve in areas without electricity or central air. You have to be creative. Some countries are experiencing record heat waves. How do you cool down in the heat if…
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Let’s Volunteer on the National Day of Service and Remembrance

Last year on Sept 10th, President Biden issued a proclamation to officially designate this day every year as the National Day of Service and Remembrance. This day honors the lives lost and heroes who stepped up on 9/11 when terrorists attacked. This is also the day that the country became united in grief and purpose.…
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Peace Corps Increases Medical Clearance Cost Reimbursements, But Is It Enough?

Paying for medical visits, testing, travel, and medication can be costly. But having to pay for those all at once is a known hurdle for many Peace Corps applicants. For those without insurance or ample financial means, those medical clearance costs stop the applicant from applying for Peace Corps service. Will the increase in medical…
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Any Interest In an Accessibility Event?

Health and disabilities go hand in hand. And an inclusive approach helps everyone. Where can RPCV Health Crusade make a difference within the RPCV community that could ripple that forward to benefit even more people? We thought that a good place to start is by improving inclusion and accessibility (A11Y) of RPCVs’ websites and social…
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RPCV Health Crusade Grows Its Collection of Covid-19 Information

Even though some entities have relaxed their rules about Covid-19, it is still here. People are still infecting others with it. Some people are still getting hospitalized for it. And unfortunately, people are still dying from it. RPCV Health Crusade could not locate the key Covid-19 information cleanly organized on one website. We found information…
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Tips to Eat Healthy and Safely During Peace Corps Service

Do you know to eat healthy and safely during Peace Corps service? RPCV Health Crusade collected some tips for PCVs to better prepare for service. Many RPCVs developed different tips and tricks for navigating service. Some methods were successful but some were not. And what works in one country does not always work in another. Let’s share what works and what didn’t. Can we help the next generation of PCVs better prepare for service?

RPCV Trauma Survivors Need Our Understanding and Support

Many Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) recall amazing experiences during their time in their Peace Corps host country. Living with a host family provided comfort and support. Interactions with Host Country Nationals (HCNs) were positive and productive. Unfortunately, some PCVs experience traumatic events and situations while in country. And, what happens after that event could…
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RPCV Health Crusade Glossary Deciphers the RPCV Lingo

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) utilize a lot of different acronyms and terms. How many do you remember? And, how many that you weren’t sure of? RPCV Health Crusade decided it was time to create a Glossary of Terms and Acronyms to capture and decipher some of the key RPCV lingo. Did you notice how…
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